CNS, MSK and Special Senses MCQs

1.Pain is conducted by?
A - alpha fibres
A - beta fibres
A - gamma fibres
A - delta fibres

2. Hunger center of brain is ?
Stria nigra
Frontal lobe
Temporal lobe
None of the above

MCQs on Gastrointestinal system, Hepatobiliary system and Metabolism

# In jaundice, there is an unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia which is most likely due to :
A. Hepatitis
B. Cirrhosis
C. Obstruction of bile canaliculi
D. Increased breakdown of red cells

# Bilirubin is conjugated with which of the following ?
A. Glycine
B. Glutamine
C. Acetyl CoA
D. Glucuronic acid

MCQs on Amalgam restoration

1. Conventional dental amalgam alloy contains:
a. Silver, tin, copper and zinc
b. Silver , mercury, copper and zinc
c. Silver, tin , palladium and zinc
d. Silver, copper, iridium and mercury