Central Nervous system (CNS) / Head and Neck Mnemonics

1. Mnemonics : Contents of the Cavernous Sinus @ Our Teacher Overlooked My Correct Answers.
Oculomotor Nerve (CN III)
Trochlear Nerve (CN IV)
Ophthalmic Nerve (V1)
Maxillary Nerve (V2)
Carotid artery
Abducent Nerve (CN VI)

2. Mnemonics: Bones of the skull: @  Person Tired Of Studying Fails Everytime.
 Parietal (2) , Temporal (2) i.e. Paired
 O- Occipital (Unpaired)
 S- Sphenoid (Unpaired)
 F- Frontal (Unpaired)
 E- Ethmoid (Unpaired)

Hence, a total of eight bones excluding the ear ossicles viz. Malleus, incus and stapes on each side make up the brain case / calvaria.

3. Mnemonics : Facial Bones
 @ My Zebra Never Liked Inferior People.
M- Maxilla (2)
Z- Zygomatic (2)
N- Nasal (2)
L- Lacrimal (2)
I- Inferior Nasal Concha (2)
P- Palatine (2)

And , two unpaired bones Mandible and Vomer. Thus, a total of 14 bones form the facial skeleton.

4. Mnemonics : SCALP - Five Layers
S- Skin
C- Connective Tissue (Superfacial Fascia)
A- Aponeurosis (Deep fascia)
L- Loose areolar tissue
P- Pericranium 

5. Mnemonics : Bell's Palsy Symptoms @ BELL'S Palsy
B- Blink Reflex abnormal
E- Ear ache
L- Lacrimation is deficient
L- Loss of taste in anterior two thirds of tongue
S- Sudden onset
Palsy - of muscles of facial expression

(All symptoms are unilateral)

6. Mnemonics : Cranial Nerves
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 O- Olfactor
O- Optic
O- Oculomotor
T- Trochlear
T- Trigeminal
A- Abducens
F- Facial
V- Vestibulocochlear
G- Glossopharyngeal
V- Vagus
A- Accessory ( Spinal Accessory)
H- Hypoglossal

7. Mnemonics : Extrapyramidal Descending Tracts of spinal cord
@ Raman Makes Love On TV
R- Rubrospinal Tract
M- Medial reticulospinal tract
L- Lateral reticulospinal tract
O- Olivospinal tract
T- Tectospinal Tract
V- Vestibulospinal tract

8. Mnemonics: Nucleii of third and fourth cranial nerve
@ 3 superior goods = 4 inferior goods
Nucleus of third cranial nerve ( Oculomotor) lies at the level of superior colliculus.  And,
Nucleus of fourth cranial nerve ( Trochlear) lies at the level of inferior colliculus.

* Both the superior and inferior colliculi are parts of the midbrain.

9. Mnemonics : Total paralysis of third cranial nerve i.e. oculomotor results
My- Mydriasis
P- Ptosis (drooping of the upper eyelid)
E- Exophthalmosis
D- Diplopia (Double vision)
A- Accommodation is lost
L- Lateral Squint