Bilateral Mandibular Fracture

# Following bilateral mandibular fracture in the canine region, the following muscles will tend to pull the mandible back:
A. Genioglossus and anterior belly of digastric
B. Genioglossus and mylohyoid
C. Genioglossus and thyrohyoid
D. Genioglossus and masseter

The correct answer is A. Genioglossus and anterior belly of digastric

- Symphysis fracture displacement result from action of mylohyoid muscle resulting from imbalance of action of museles attached to genial tubercles on either side.
- Bilateral fracture in canine region when run obliquely forward muscles acting on it are geniohyoid and genioglossus and anterior belly of digastric muscles.
- Lateral pterygoid muscles inserted into medial fossa on anterior aspect of condyle.
- In condylar fracture head is displaced anteriorly and medially

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