Central Nervous system (CNS) / Head and Neck Mnemonics

1. Mnemonics : Contents of the Cavernous Sinus @ Our Teacher Overlooked My Correct Answers.
Oculomotor Nerve (CN III)
Trochlear Nerve (CN IV)
Ophthalmic Nerve (V1)
Maxillary Nerve (V2)
Carotid artery
Abducent Nerve (CN VI)

2. Mnemonics: Bones of the skull: @  Person Tired Of Studying Fails Everytime.
 Parietal (2) , Temporal (2) i.e. Paired
 O- Occipital (Unpaired)
 S- Sphenoid (Unpaired)
 F- Frontal (Unpaired)
 E- Ethmoid (Unpaired)

Oral Histology Slides - Papilla of tongue, Maxillary sinus, Parakeratinised epithelium, Vermillion border of lip, Serous and Mixed gland, Bone, muscle and Fat cells

Here are some of  the histologic slides of various tissue preparations of oral cavity and maxillary sinus prepared in the Department of Oral Pathology, College of Dental Surgery(CODS) , BPKIHS Dharan Nepal

1. Serous Gland
Salivary glands consists of secretory end pieces called acini which may either be of serous nature or mucuous nature. Some mucous acini are found to be capped by serous cells giving a bonnet or crescent shaped appearance which gives rise to the structures called demilunes.