Compound odontoma shows on a radiograph as:

 # Compound odontoma shows on a radiograph as:
A. Supernumerary teeth
B. Radiolucent and radiopaque areas
C. Mass of calcified areas
D. Distinguishable tooth like structures

The correct answer is D. Distinguishable tooth like structures.

The radiographic appearance of the odontoma is characteristic. Since most odontomas are clinically asymptomatic and are discovered by routine radiographic examination, the dentist should be familiar with their appearance. They are often situated between the roots of teeth and appear either as an irregular mass of calcified material surrounded by a narrow radiolucent band with a smooth outer periphery, or as a variable number of tooth like structures with the same peripheral outline. This latter type of odontoma may contain only a few structures resembling teeth, or it may contain several dozen. Both forms of odontoma are frequently associated with unerupted teeth. It is of interest that the majority of odontomas in the anterior segments of the jaws are compound composite in type, while the majority in the posterior areas are complex composite.

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