Difficulty in pronouncing T

 # A person wearing complete denture has difficulty in pronouncing T. The reason may be:
A. Too thick palatal area
B. Incorrect position of upper incisor teeth
C. Too thick mandibular bone
D. Reduced salivary flow

The correct answer is B. Incorrect position of upper incisor teeth. 

- Sounds like t, d, n, etc. are alveolar sounds. These sounds are produced with tip of tongue touching anterior palate.

- If maxillary anterior teeth are placed too far anteriorly, 'd' will sound like 't'.

- If they are placed too palatally, 't' will sound like 'd'. 


  1. With all due respect to the other posters’ good intentions, you shouldn’t be seeking clinical input from strangers on Quora, even if they have the relevant credentials, which the other posters at this writing lack.
    Consult a speech therapist. Bring your concern to a professional who can see and hear you in person.

  2. This reminds us of the intricacies of the English language and how the smallest changes in our oral anatomy can influence the way we pronounce certain letters. Fascinating read!


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