Life saver shaped gingival enlargement of Marginal Gingiva

 # Life saver shaped gingival enlargement of marginal gingiva is called:
 A. Stillman's cleft
 B. McCall's festoons
 C. Widow peaks
 D. Craters

The correct answer is B. McCall's festoons.

The term McCall's festoons has been used to describe a rolled, thickened band of gingiva that is usually seen adjacent to the cuspids when recession approaches the mucogingival junction.

Stillman clefts are apostrophe shaped indentations extending to marginal gingiva. They are usually present on facial surface. 

Craters are bony defects or concavities found in interdental areas.

Widow peaks are pseudo piling up of gingiva when failed to remove bony discrepancies at gingival line angles during osteotomy procedures. These are peaks of residual cortical bone left out during horizontal grooving at the facial/palatal/lingual line angles. 

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