Root surface typically not totally cleaned with standard floss

# When using only standard floss, the mesial root surface of which of the following teeth
is typically NOT totally cleaned?
A. Mandibular central incisor
B. Mandibular 1st premolar
C. Mandibular 1st molar
D. Maxillary 1st premolar
E. Maxillary central incisor

The correct answer is D. Maxillary first premolar.

The mesial root surface of the maxillary 1st
premolar is typically NOT thoroughly cleaned using ONLY dental floss due to the mesial root concavity.

Because of the lack cleansibility of the
mesial of this tooth, It is advised to use
inter dental brushes, end tuft brushes, tooth
pick in holders, rubber tips, and powered
floss to clean these interproximal areas.

This is because of the type of gingival
embrasure space on the mesial aspect off
maxillary 1st premolar. The three types of
gingival embrasures are:
Type I: Having NO inter dental papilla loss
Type II: Partial loss of inter dental papilla
Type lIl: Complete loss of inter dental papilla

The mesial surface of the maxillary 1st premolar typically has a type ll or ll gingival embrasure, resulting in moderate to severe recession with exposure of the root concavity. Interdental brushes clean the root concavity better than dental floss.

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