Saliva plays a vital role in the:

 # Saliva plays a vital role in  the ________ of a complete denture.
A. Retention
B. Stability
C. Support
D. Esthetics

The correct answer is A. Retention.

Sufficient amount of saliva is necessary for the maintenance of oral health and comfort. In this respect,
saliva is particularly important in wearers of removable dentures to protect the oral mucosa from mechanical irritation and infections and to achieve retention in complete dentures. The normal unstimulated salivary flow rate is 0.38±0.21 ml/min. Impaired salivary secretion or xerostomia is likely, if the unstimulated flow rate is less than 0.12 ml/min. Of the whole unstimulated saliva, 40 percent is derived from the submandibular glands and 8 percent from mucosal glands. The normal stimulated salivary flow rate is less than 0.60 ml/min of the whole stimulated saliva and 50 to 65 percent is
derived from the parotid glands.

Reference: Textbook of Complete Denture PROSTHODONTICS, Page NO. 3

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