Saw toothed Rete Pegs are seen in:

 #  Saw toothed Rete Pegs are seen in:
A. Lichen planus
B. Lichenoid reaction
C. Leukoplakia
D. Leukoedema

The correct answer is A. Lichen Planus.

Histopathologic examination of lesional tissue is the most relevant investigation in cases of Oral Lichen Planus. Typical findings include hyperparakeratosis or hyperorthokeratosis with thickening of the granular layer, acanthosis with intracellular edema of the spinous cells in some instances, the development of a ‘saw tooth’ appearance of the rete pegs. Band-like subepithelial mononuclear infiltrate consisting of T-cells and histiocytes; increased numbers of intraepithelial T-cells; and degenerating basal keratinocytes that form colloid (Civatte, hyaline, cytoid) bodies, which appear as homogenous eosinophilic globules are consistently seen.

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