Kantipur Dental Home and Institute Pvt.Ltd Parkmod, Dhangadhi, Kailali

 Name of Dental Clinic: Kantipur Dental Home and Institute Pvt.Ltd
Address (Full): Parkmod,Dhangadhi,Kailali
Year of Establishment: 2070
Name of the chief Dental Surgeon: Dr.Ritraj Khadka
CONTACT NUMBER: 9857036067
NMC Number of Dental Surgeon: 31394


  1. I want to braces my teeth so, please can you tell me the total cost of metalic braces.

    1. Cost of Fixed Orthodontic Treatment cannot be predicted exactly without clinically evaluating your dental and skeletal profile, the cost may be around 50000-100000 depending upon the location and extent of your orthodontic need, make sure the doctor putting braces on you is an NMC registered Orthodontist, who has a 5.5 year BDS degree and an additional 3 year MDS degree in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics. Cheaper treatment options may be available by quacks dentists incompetent to do the job which will land you in multiple problems later in life. You can directly ask to the doctor and search him in social media, or here at NMC's website about the qualifications:


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