Metopic suture fuses at:

 # Metopic suture fuses at:
A. 2.5 years
B. 6 years
C. 18 months
D. 9 months

The correct answer is D. 9 months.

The two frontal bones tend to fuse in the midline via the metopic or frontal suture. The timing of its closure is controversial. Fusion of metopic suture begins anteriorly at the bridge of the nose and progresses posteriorly. One-third of metopic sutures close at 3 months, and nearly 100% by 9 months. Although some may persist into 6 years and may not close until adulthood in up to 10% of patients. A premature fusion of the suture is termed metopic synostosis. This can result in trigonocephaly. It usually disappears by the age of 2 years but may even persist in a few individuals. 


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