MCQs on Oral Histology - Cementum

# Cementum :
A. Is derived from the sheath of Hertwig
B. Is acellular in the apical third of the tooth
C. Often overlaps the enamel
D. Does not contain collagen fibers

# Cellular cementum and compact bone contain :
A. Sharpey's fibers and elastic fibers
B. Collagen fibers and blood vessels
C. Canaliculi and incremental lines
D. Lacunae and elastic fibers

# Butt joint in cementoenamel junction is seen in ______ % of cases :
A. 10
B. 30
C. 60
D. 90

# Secondary cementum is generally confined to :
A. Cervical third of the root
B. Middle third of the root
C. Apical third of the root
D. No secondary cementum forms

# Inorganic content of cementum is :
A. Less than bone
B. More than bone
C. Equal to that of bone
D. More than that of enamel

# Maximum fluoride content is seen in :
A. Dental Cementum
B. Dental pulp
C. Enamel
D. Dentin

# At the CEJ, which of the following is a rare occurence ?
A. Enamel meets cementum at a point
B. Enamel overlaps cementum
C. Cementum overlaps enamel
D. There is a gap between cementum and enamel

# Acellular cementum is typically found in :
A. Coronal half of root
B. Apical half of root
C. Apex of root
D. Entire root
# Cementum that forms in conjunction with root end formation and eruption :
A. Cellular Cementum
B. Acellular cementum
C. Both of the above
D. None of the above

# Which of the following is true ?
A. Cementum contains type I collagen predominantly
B. Cementoenamel junction is sometimes scalloped in deciduous teeth and smooth in permanent teeth
C. The uncalcified matrix of cementum is called cementoid
D. All of the above

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