Oral Biology Seminar BPKIHS BDS 2014

Every year second year BDS students of B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan  are given an opportunity to present on specified topics related to Oral Anatomy and Histology with a goal of honing their presentation skills and boosting their confidence. The Seminar topics were provided by the Department of Oral Pathology, College of Dental Surgery. The presentation files of the Seminar can be downloaded by clicking on the respective topics.

1. Mastication
2. Pharyngeal arches and their derivatives
3. Calcium and Phosphate Metabolism
4. Blood supply of tooth and supporting structures
5. Development of Mandible and its Blood supply
6. Development of Tongue and Papilla
7. Taste and Taste Buds
8. Blood supply, Lymphatics and nerve supply of tongue
9. Development of Palate and its Blood supply
10. Microscope
11. Inflammation
12. Deglutition and Speech
13. Maxillary sinus
14. Intercellular Junctions
15. Fibroblasts and Collagen fibres
16. Theories of Mineralization
17. Amelogenesis
18. Dentinogenesis
19. Hypomineralized structures of Enamel
20. Hypomineralized structures of Dentin
21. Lymphoid Tissues of Orofacial Region
22. Structures of Epithelium
23. Structures of Connective Tissue
24. Age Changes in Oral Soft Tissues
25. Age Changes in Dental Hard Tissues
26. Anatomy and Histology of Bone
27. Nerve and Nerve cells
28. Neural Crest Cells
29. Formation of Saliva
30. Repair and Regeneration of Tooth
31. Repair and Regeneration of Oral Tissues