Kantipur Dental College - General Medicine - Pre- Board Examination, December 2018

Kantipur Dental College
BDS Program
Pre- Board Examination, December 2018

Subject: General Medicine (New Course)        Level : BDS Third Year 
Time: 2 Hours and 30 Minutes     
Full Marks: 50

SECTION 'B' - 25 Marks

1. Discuss about the clinical features, complications, investigations and treatment and prophylaxis of Malarial fever.  [1+1+1+2+1=6]

2. Discuss the etiology, clinical features of Infective Endocarditis. Add a note on dental prophylaxis. [1+1+3=5]

3. Enumerate the risk factors and complications of Essential Hypertension. Discuss the management of acute severe asthma.[1+1+3=5]

4. Write short notes on: [3*3=9]
a. Clinical Features and Treatment of Pneumonia
b. Portal Hypertension
c. Bacillary Dysentery: Management and prevention

[Section 'C' 25 marks]
5. Define and classify anemias. A 17 year old gives history of bleeding gums and menorrhagia. Her platelet count is 15000/mm3. Bone marrow examination shows increased megakaryocytes. How would treat this case? [0.5+1.5+4=6]

6. Define normal Erythropoiesis. Differentiate nephrotic and nephritic syndrome. [2+3=5]

7. Discuss the clinical features and diagnosis of diabetes mellitus. Mention micro and macrovascular complications of diabetes mellitus. [2+3=5]

8. Write short notes on: [3*3=9]
a. Trigeminal Neuralgia
b. Rickets
c. Anaphylactic shock

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