Prevention of Dental Caries

#MCQ 25- The best method to prevent initiation of caries in a four year old child who has no accessibility to community water fluoridation is:
A. Brushing and flossing
B. 2.2 % NaF Tablet daily
C. 0.05% NaF Mouthwash daily
D. 0.5% NaF toothpaste daily

Answer: B. 2.2 % NaF Tablet Daily

Option 'A' - Adequate Dexterity for proper toothbrushing isn't developed until 10-12 years of age as brushing is a complex skill. For flossing, an adult should perform flossing on the child.

Option 'C' - Fluoride mouth rinses should not be used by children below 6 years as they are not capable of rinsing adequately due to lack of reflex control of swallowing.

Option 'D' - Sodium Fluoride Dentifrices failed to show significant caries reduction. The world's most widely used fluoride is combination of sodium monofluorophosphate (MFP) and insoluble metaphosphate. Currently available dentifrices contain 900 or 1000 ppm (0.76% Sodium MFP) for adults and 500 ppm fluoride concentrations for children.


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