Most aggresive odontogenic tumor

# Which of the following tumors is most aggressive? (AIPG 91, AIIMS2004)
a) Ameloblastoma
b) Odontoma
c) Odontogenic myxoma
d) Fibrocarcinoma

The answer is C. Odontogenic myxoma

Aggressive, intraosseous neoplasms derived from embryonic odontogenic mesenchyme probably arise from the dental papilla or follicular mesenchyme. Nearly all lesions are found in the tooth bearing areas of maxillary and mandibular bone.

Mandibular lesions are commonly found in the premolar-molar area. The lesions often produce multilocular radiolucency with a "soap bubble' or "honey comb" appearance in the bone.

Thin and extremely delicate septa of bone are often seen to course through the radiolucent area and produce a "spider- web" like or "tennis racket" like appearance.
 (Ref: Shafer's Textbook of oral pathology 7h ed., p 299)

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