Plasma cell gingivitis

 # Plasma cell gingivitis is seen in individuals having the habit of chewing of the following types of flavored chewing gum?
A. Peppermint flavored
B. Clove flavored
C. Cinnamon flavored
D. Banana flavored

The correct answer is  C. Cinnamon flavored.

- The gingiva appears red, friable, granular, and bleeds easily. 
- It may be associated with cheilitis and glossitis.
- Plasma cell gingivitis is a contact hypersensitivity reaction most frequently attributed to Cinnamon flavored chewing gum. 


  1. I read the exact same question in (MCQs in PERIODONTOLOGY with Explanatory Answer) by H Shama Rao, Bhavya and the ANSWER was A, so which one is correct now?

    1. Hello Khaled, this paragraph is an exact copy paste from Carranza. You know who do you trust better.

      Similarly, desquamative
      gingivitis has been reported with the use of tartar control
      toothpaste. Pyrophosphates and flavoring agents have been identified
      as the main causative agents of this unusual condition.36 Oral
      reactions to cinnamon compounds (i.e., cinnamon oil, cinnamic
      acid, or cinnamic aldehyde) that are used to mask the taste of
      pyrophosphates in tartar control toothpaste include an intense erythema
      of the attached gingival tissues that is characteristic of
      plasma cell gingivitis. A thorough clinical history
      usually discloses the source of the gingival disturbance. Elimination
      of the offending agent (i.e., the tartar control toothpaste) leads
      to the resolution of the gingival lesions within a week, and challenge
      with the offending agent leads to recurrence of the oral
      lesions. If removal of the offending medication is not possible,
      topical corticosteroids and topical tacrolimus can be used to treat
      the lesions.


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