Bacteriostatic and Bactericidal at high doses

# Some antibiotics are bacteriostatic in nature but bactericidal in high doses, such as:
a- erythromycin
b- amoxycillin
c- tetracycline
d- metronidazole
e- cephalosporin

The correct answer is A. Erythromycin.

Witch Chin is seen due to:

# “Witch Chin” is a postoperative complication that occurs when a mucoperiosteal flap is raised in the symphyseal area because of:
A.  injury to the orbicularis oris
B.  detachment of mentalis muscle
C.  incisive nerve damage
D.  periosteal striping
E.  detachment of the platysma muscle

The correct answer is B. Detachment of mentalis muscle.

Blue black pigmentation of gingiva

# Blue black pigmentation of gingiva is seen with pre existing toxicity of:
A. Bismuth
B. Lead
C. Arsenic
D. Mercury

The correct answer is A. Bismuth

Bismuth pigmentation in the oral cavity usually appears as a narrow, bluish black 
discoloration of the gingival margin in areas of preexisting gingival inflammation.

Periodontal pocket

# A periodontal pocket of 8mm deep having the junctional epithelium coronal to the CEJ is:
A. An infrabony pocket
B. A pseudopocket
C. A true periodontal pocket
D. A furcation involvement

The correct answer is B. A pseudopocket

- Pseudopocket/ gingival pocket/relative or false pocket is formed by gingival enlargement without destruction of underlying periodontal tissues

- True/absolute /periodontal pocket is formed by destruction of supporting periodontal tissues and attachment loss.
- Suprabony/supracrestal/Supraalveolar pocket is formed when bottom of pocket is coronal to underlying alveolar bone

- Infrabony/intrabony/subcrestal /intra-alveolar is formed where bottom of pocket is apical to level to adjacent alveolar bone.