Most Sensitive to X Ray

# Which of the following are most sensitive to X ray?
A. Tooth buds and salivary glands
B. Nerve and muscle tissue
C. Hair and nails
D. Cartilage

The correct answer is A. Tooth buds and Salivary glands

Non keratinized gingival tissue

# Which of the following is an example of non keratinized gingival tissue?
A. Outer gingival epithelium 
B. Gingival col
C. Marginal gingiva 
D. Attached gingiva

The gingival tissue is made up of 75% Para keratinized epithelium, about 15 % keratinized and only 10% non keratinized epithelium.

The keratinized area of the gingiva includes the attached gingiva and some portions of the outer gingival epithelium. 

The para keratinized gingiva includes the marginal gingiva and portions of the outer gingival epithelium.

The non keratinized portion of gingiva includes the gingival col, junctional epithelium and sulcular epithelium. 

First Confirmed Death Due to Corona Virus in Nepal - COVID19

A 29 year old postnatal woman who had delivered a baby on 24th Baisakh 2077, at Institute of Medicine, Teaching Hospital, Maharajgnj and had been discharged on 25th Baisakh 2077 died due to complications arising due to Corona Virus Infection. When she developed symptoms like difficulty in breathing, she was brought to Dhulikhel Hospital for emergency treatment.

This is the first official Case of COVID-19 in Nepal which took a life. The total number of infected people has reached 281. Nepal is on the 54th day of  a nationwide lockdown, since 12th Chaitra 2076.

AIIMS MDS Entrance MCQs - November 2008

# Main component of bacterial plaque:
A. Bacteria and Food Product
B. Bacteria and Bacterial products
C. Food debris and salivary mucins
D. Degenerating epithelial cells and salivary mucins

# Inorganic component of plaque is formed of:
A. Calcium and fluoride
B. Calcium and sodium
C. Calcium and Phosphorous
D. Sodium and Calcium