Penetration of sealers into the detinal tubules mainly depends on:

 # Penetration of sealers into the dentinal tubules mainly depends on:
A. Sealer thickness
B. Method of obturation
C. Type of final irrigant used
D. Type of sealer

The correct answer is B. Method of obturation.

The smear layer may interfere with the adhesion and penetration of root canal sealers. It also may prevent gutta-percha penetration during thermoplastic techniques. Significant tubular penetrations of gutta-percha and sealers have been reported with thermoplasticized obturations and with dentin-bonded composite resins. Removal of the smear layer also enhances the adhesion of sealers to dentin and tubular penetration. Root canal filling materials adapt better to the canal walls after smear layer removal.

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