Assorted Dental MCQs - Part 1

1. Mysofascial pain associated with the medial pterygoid muscle is typically referred to
a. posterior part of mouth and throat
b. zygomatic area
c. mandibular teeth
d. forehead

2. Chlorzoxazone is best used for managing :
a. pulpal pain
b. migraine
c. myofascial pain
d. periodontal pain

3. TENS can used for managing
a. phantom pain
b. pain associated with a cracked tooth
c. myofascial pain
d. periodontal pain

4. Crepitus may be appreciated in
b. Myositis
c. Osteoarthritis of the TMJ
d. Muscle splinting

5. Osteophyte formation may be seen in radiographs of patients having
a. Myositis
b. Osteoarthritis
d. Trigeminal neuralgia

6. Stones, bones, abdominal groans and psychic moans are characteristic of
a. Hyperparathyroidism
b. Hypoparathyroidism
c. Hyperthyroidism
d. Hypothyroidism

7. Generalized loss or partial loss of lamina dura may be seen in
a. Hyperthyroidism
b. Hyperparathyroidism
c. Addisons diseases
d. Hypopituitarism

8. OPG should ideally not be used to evaluate
a. impacted teeth
b. fractures of the body of the mandible
c. fractures of the angle of the midline
d. midline structures

9. OPG cannot be used for detecting
a. eruption status of teeth in mixed dentition period
b. impacted third molars
c. incipient carious lesions
d. cystic lesions in the body of the mandible

10. Three dimensional curved zone or image layer in which structures are well defined on panoramic radiographs is termed
a. Ideal image zone
b. Focal trough
c. Focal spot
d. Focal area

11. The foetus is at the greatest risk of teratogens in
a. First trimester
b. Second trimester
c. Third trimester
d. Second and third trimester

12. The safest period for undertaking elective dental treatment is in the
a. First trimester
b. Second trimester
c. First and third trimester
d. Third trimester

13. Granuloma gravidarum is also called:
a. Peripheral giant cell granuloma
b. Pyogenic granuloma
c. Pregnancy tumor
d. Periapical granuloma

14. The best position for a pregnant patient on a dental chair is:
a. left lateral position
b. lying supine
c. lying supine with the legs slightly elevated
d. supine with the head elevated

15. Drug that is absolutely contraindicated in pregnancy are:
a. Diazepam
b. Aspirin
c. Acetaminophen
d. Penicillin

16. Drugs that can be given safely in pregnancy include
a. Acetaminophen
b. Diazepam
c. Tetracycline
d. Nitrous oxide

17. The foetus is most sensitive to x rays during:
a. 18-45 days of in utero life
b. 100-150 days of in utero life
c. 160 to 180days of in utero life
d. Over 180 days of in utero life

Answer key
1.a   2.c  3.c  4.c  5. b  6. a  7. b  8. d  9. c  10.b  11.a  12.b  13.c  14.a  15.a  16.a  17.a

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