SLOB technique

  # A periapical radiograph suggests an opaque mass Over the apex of the maxillary right 2nd molar. A second periapical radiograph is made with the X-ray head adjusted in a more mesial direction. The second periapical suggests that the object in question has moved distally compared to the 1st radiograph. Which of the following directions describes the location of the object?
A.In-between the roots
B. Buccal to the tooth
C. Lingual to the tooth
D. Not enough information is provided

The correct answer is B. Buccal to the tooth.

The SLOB (Same Lingual, Opposite Buccal) rule suggests that the
object is buccal to the tooth.

Because the object moved opposite to the positioning of the X-ray
device for the 2nd radiograph it demonstrates buccal positioning
If the object moved mesially with the head of the X-ray head being
moved mesially, it would have demonstrated lingual/palatal

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