AIIMS MDS Entrance Exam MCQS - May 2016

# Which of the following cannot be used to block undercuts intraorally?
A. Addition silicon
B. Plaster of Paris
C. Irreversible hydrocolloid
D. Temporary restorative material

# Inability of a material to sustain plastic deformation before the fracture occur:
A. Toughness
B. Hardness
C. Brittleness
D. Critical Stress

# All are processing waxes EXCEPT:
A. Boxing wax
B. Sticky wax
C. Casting wax
D. Utility wax

# Drug of choice for a healthy adult undergoing extraction for molar with widened PDL?
A. Tetracycline
B. Amoxicillin
C. Cefixime
D. Levofoxcillin

# 5 year old child, managed 2 months for mandibular fracture, how to detect bony healing and union of bone?
A. OPG every 2 month for 1 year
B. Single contrast CT every 2 month
C. Single non contrast CT every 2 month
D. Clinical examination sufficient

# Most vascular and innervated part of TMJ is:
A. Retrodiscal tissue
B. TMJ ligament
C. Articular disc
D. Fibrocartilageneous covering of the articular surface


# An event of acquisition of a malignant phenotype of epithelium is an expression of:
A. Cyclin A
B. Cyclin B
C. Cyclin C
D. Cyclin D

# Which of the following analysis does not use mandibular incisors in mixed dentition analysis?
A. Moyers
B. Hukaba's
C. Tanaka and Johnston
D. Stanley and Kerber

# 5 year old chhild have deep caries in multiple teeth with no pain. Treatment will be:
A. IPC of teeth
B. Pulpotomy of all teeth
C. Pulpectomy of all teeth
D. Extraction of all teeth

# A 70 year old patient is diabetic, non smoker, comes with complaint of missing upper and lower posteriors for 4 months and wants replacement of his lost teeth. On examination, white patch is seen on maxillary ridge. What will be treatment?
A. Immediate biopsy to rule out premalignant lesion
B. Wait and watch for 2 weeks
C. Apply Triamcinolone ointment for 2 weeks
D. Prepare denture to improve nutritional status

# All of the following syndrome is associated with cleft lip and palate EXCEPT:
A. Van der Woude Syndrome
B. Popliteal pterygium syndrome
C. Pierre Robin Sequence
D. Gardner syndrome

# Oral lichenoid reaction differs from oral lichen planus in terms of:
A. Wickham striae
B. Diffuse infiltration of deep layer by inflammatory cells
C. Cellular infitrate consisting of lymphocyte
D. Liquefaction degeneration of basal layer

# Crestal bone loss seen around the implant after first year?
A. 1-2 mm
B. 1.5-2 mm
C. <=0.1 mm
D. 0.5-1 mm

# Contents of supragingival calculus are:
A. Calcium carbonate
B. Calcium phosphate
C. Magnesium carbonate
D. Magnesium phosphate

# Which of the following can be precisely located on a lateral cephalogram ?
A. Nasion
B. Point A
C. Condylon
D. Gonion

# Gene associated with cleft palate in ectodermal dysplasia?
A. p73
C. ED1

# Which is true about implants in posterior region of maxilla?
A. Diameter of 5 mm
B. Length of implant 10 mm
C. 3 mm away from adjacent implant
D. Equal to diameter of the natural tooth to be replaced at the CEJ

# Which of the following is not found in Acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis?
A. Pocket formation
B. Tooth loss
C. Bone loss
D. Gingival recession

# Bioactive glass is made up of all EXCEPT:
A. Salts of sodium and calcium
B. Silicon dioxide
C. Hydroxyapatite
D. Phosphates

# Cleidocranial dysplasia is characterized by all EXCEPT:
A. Mutation in alpha one gene
B. Large frontal sinus
C. Large anterior fontannelle and open sutures
D. High arch palate with prolonged retention of deciduous teeth

# Which of the following is not a risk factor for malignant transformation of premalignant disorder of oral cavity?
A. Male
B. Invasive Candida albicans
C. Leukoplakia in non smoker
D. DNA aneuploidy

# Which of the following is given in blood loss during maxillofacial surgery?
A. Tranexamic acid
B. Heparin
C. Lactic acid
D. Aceto-acetic acid

# Which has maximum malignant potential?
A. Speckled leukoplakia
B. Proliferative verrucous leukoplakia
C. Lichen planus
D. Leukoplakia

# Which of these has tetracycline form?
A. Actisite
B. Periochip
C. Atridox
D. Arrestin

# Carotid artery bifurcates at:
A. 2nd tracheal ring
B. Thyroid cartilage
C. Trachea
D. Epiglottis

# Which has highest malignant potential?
A. HPV 8
B. HPV 18
C. HPV 16
D. HSV 1 and 3

# Tooth moves inwards due to fluid movement in PDL on application of iintrusive forces. This theory is given by:
A. Farrar
B. Schwartz
C. Bien
D. Schnider

# 18-30 flutes carbide bur is used for:
A. Grinding
B. Finishing
C. Polishing
D. Contouring

# Platelet derived growth factor is released by:
A. Fibroblasts
B. Endothelial cells
C. Alpha granules
D. Macrophages

# Which of the following is true regarding Garre's osteomyelitis?
A. Common organism is Staphylococcus aureus
B. Seen in young patient
C. Moth eaten appearance
D. Seen in immunocompormised patients

# A healthy patient with complains of nasal regurgitation of oral fluid after 4 weeks of extraction. You examine and find an oroantral fistula of 1 cm diameter. What will be the treatment plan for the patient?
A. Give obturator indefinitely
B. Treat for chronic sinusitis before surgery for closure
C. Immediate closure of fistula with flap under general anesthesia
D. Refresh the margins and give a water tight seal

# In an edentulous patient jaw relations are recorded without the use of face bow. Maxillary cast is mounted on articulator. Now dentist wants to increase vertical dimension of occlusion by 4 mm. It leads to:
A. Take a new interocclual record
B. Increase the vertical dimension at rest
C. Change in the condylar guidance
D. Change in centric relation

# Guiding plane serve to:
A. Perpendicular to occlusal plane
B. Achieve predictable clasp retention
C. Eliminate need for precision attachment
D. Helps in balancing occlusion

# Disadvantage with removable appliance:
A. Difficult to clean
B. Increased decalcification
C. Totally depends upon patient cooperation
D. Early loss of abutment

# Which of the following is correct sequence for selective grinding of excursive movements in denture during occlusion?
A. Protrusive balancing working
B. Balancing protrusive working
C. Balancing working protrusive
D. Protrusive working balancing

# True about polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) are all EXCEPT:
A. Modulus of elasticity is 2.4 GPa
B. It has a hardness of 70 KHN
C. It remains chemically stable upto a temperature of 260 degree F
D. Tensile strength is 20 MPa

# Flexibility of orthodontic wire can be increased by all of the following EXCEPT:
A. Interbracket distance
B. Length
C. Bracket prescription
D. Cross section diameter/area

# Endotracheal tube used in bilateral TMJ ankylosis is:
A. South RAE pole
B. North RAE pole
C. Collis tube
D. Flexometallic tube

# According to Mount and Hume classification of caries, 3.3 denote:
A. Contact area extensive
B. Contact area enlarged
C. Cervical area enlarged
D. Cervical area moderate

# A 7 year boy came to clinic with Ellis class 3# after 24 hours. The best treatment modality is:
A. Coronal pulpotomy
B. Pulpectomy
C. Composite buildup
D. Cvek partial pulpotomy

# Frequency of electric current in piezoelectric periodontal surgery:
A. 1.5 to 7.5 KHZ
B. 0.5 to 1 KHZ
C. 30000 to 50000 HZ
D. 2.2 to 3.5KHZ

# Melting point of red modeling plastic is:
A. 50-51 degree C
B. 53-54 degree C
C. 54-55 degree C
D. 55-56 degree C

# Christ-Siemens-Touraine Syndrome is associated with all EXCEPT:
A. Supernumerary tooth
B. Hypohydrosis
C. Hypotrichosis
D. Ochynodysplasia

# All of the following statement are true about SLE except:
A. Presence of Immunoglobulin, (IgG, IgM, IgA) at basement
B. Involvement of complement C3 and fibrinogen at basement membrane
C. Positive antinuclear antigen test
D. Mutation in ROR 3 gene

# Nikolsky sign is not associated with:
A. Toxic epidermal necrolysis
B. Mucous membrane pemphigoid
C. Bullous pemphigoid
D. Scalded skin syndrome

# Half life of Transforming growth factor (TGF-B) is:
A. 24 hours
B. 2-3 minutes
C. 48 hours
D. 10-12 minutes

# Cervical enamel projection is most commonly seen with:
A. Maxillary first molar
B. Mandibular first molar
C. Mandibular third molar
D. Mandibular and maxillary second molar

# Best suited statement for syndrome X is:
A. Due to chromosome X mutation
B. Also known as metabolic disorder and associated with prediabetes
C. Associated with prehypertension
D. Undergoes syncope during extraction

# In case of fracture of skull base, which method is used for intubation?
A. Awake fibreoptic bronchoscope intubation
B. Orotracheal intubation with manual inline method
C. Tracheostomy
D. Blind nasal intubation

# We prepared chamfer for a metal cast crown which fits well on die of the cast but as we put crown over tooth there is discrepancy of 0.3 mm. What would be the nexxt step?
A. Mechanical burnishing
B. Reduce internal surface of occlusal side of crown to relieve pressure
C. Re contouring of crown margins
D. Repetition of procedure by taking impression and fabrication

# Patient becomes unresponsive during extraction but is breathing. What will you do?
A. Get 12 lead ECG
B. Check BP, pulse and prepare for intubation
C. Immediately CPR and start chest compression
D. Recline the chair, call for help and give oxygen

# During post space preparation in distal root of mandibular 1st molar then most common perforation site is:
A. Mesial
B. Distal
C. Buccal
D. Lingual

# Which of the following term is not approved by the American Association of Endodontics (AAE) and ADA?
A. Chronic apical periodontitis
B. Acute apical abscess
C. Symptomatic apical periodontitis
D. Chronic apical abscess

# Which of the following has maximum potential of turning malignant?
A. Candidiasis
B. Erythro-leukoplakia
C. Leukoplakia
D. Linea alba

# Best way of isolation during vital pulp therapy?
A. Rubber dam
B. Antisialogogues
C. Saliva ejector
D. Cotton rolls

# In a 9 year old boy ,21 is in crossbite.What treatment you should advocate?
A. Treat immediately
B. Wait till permanent anterior erupt
C. wait till all permanent teeth erupt
D. Fixed appliance

# For 1min incisor retraction,how much space is requred
A. 0.5MM
B. 1.5MM
C. 2MM
D. 1MM

# About beta titanium all true except
A. Good formability and biocompatibility
B. Cannot be soldered
C. True weldability
D. Low coefficient of friction

# Antigen associated with Cicatrical pemphigoid is:
A. BPAg2- Epiligrin
D. BP antigen 1 and 2

# A 5 year old child showing evidence of juxta articular bone deposition, if subjected to trauma to the TMJ, is to be treated with maintaining adequate ramal length and full mouth opening. What should be the treatment plan?
A. Gap arthroplasty
B. Chondrocostal grafting
C. Lateral arthroplasty
D. Brisement forces

# Auxillary wire used in fixed mechanotherapy:
A. Elastic module
B. Preformed ligature wire
C. Kobayashi hook
D. Beggs loop

# A patient complains of sensitivity to ice cream in lower back region of jaw and disappears soon after the removal of stimulus. Your treatment would be:
A. Indirect pulp capping
B. Sensitivity paste
C. Pulpectomy
D. Extraction

# Epidermal growth factors help in:
A. Collagen synthesis
B. Angiogenesis
C. Epithelial proliferation and tooth eruption
D. Increased DNA synthesis 

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