Management of a hemophilic patient is done with:

 # Which one of the following can be used in the management of a hemophilic patient?
A. Ascorbic acid
B. Tranexamic acid
C. Acetic acid
D. Palmitic acid

The correct answer is B. Tranexamic Acid.

Tranexamic acid may be useful in mucosal bleeding. For more serious or persistent bleeds, haemostasis can be achieved with selected factor VIII concentrates which contain considerable quantities of vWF in addition to factor VIII. Young children and patients with severe arterial disease should not receive DDAVP, and patients with type 2B disease develop thrombocytopenia which may be troublesome following DDAVP. Bleeding in type 3 patients responds to nothing apart from concentrate.

Reference: Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine, 22nd Edition, Page no: 1054

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