Structures passing through foramen ovale are all EXCEPT:

 # All of the following structures pass through foramen ovale except:
(a) Mandibular nerve
(b) Anterior division of middle meningeal artery
(c) Lesser superficial petrosal nerve
(d) Emissary vein connecting pterygoid venous plexus to cavernous sinus

The correct answer is B. Anterior division of middle meningeal artery.

Foramen ovale contents: (Mnemonic: MALE)
(i) Mandibular nerve.
(ii) Accessory middle meningeal artery.
(iii) Lesser petrosal nerve.
(iv) Emissary vein: connecting the pterygoid venous plexus to the cavernous sinus.

Reference: TEXTBOOK OF ANATOMY HEAD, NECK AND BRAIN, Volume III, 2nd Edition Vishram Singh, Page No.  320

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