Medical Mnemonics and some techniques of mnemonics

Medical Jargons and Pathophysiologies of infinite number of diseases and syndromes, anatomical relations and all the loosely linked facts and figures seem almost impossible to assimilate unless we use mnemonics.

Various systems of mnemonics are famous worldwide and you need to develop your own style of mnemonics which suits you best.

Some of the most popular mnemonic techniques are listed here:
1. Hooking System / Mnemonics Major System
    This system of memory uses phonetics to assign specific sounds to a number. You can convert large numbers, dates and data into meaningful words and phrases to remember the facts easily.
For example,
1 = t,d
2 = n,h
3 = m
4 = r
5 = l
6 =ch,sh
7 = k, ca (Ka sound)
8 = f , ph
9= p, b
0 = s, z
 These set of alphabets linked with each number could make it possible to link a number to a meaning ful word. The vowels and w,x,y,q are omitted or could be inserted between the letters as per the requirements.

Suppose, you have to remember that World Environment Day is on June 5th. Then combining the June = 6th month, and the date 5, we could remember easily that 5th june is World Environment Day if we could somehow associate these two. We have the sounds 6=Ch and 5= l , and we have to make a meaningful word out of it which helps us to remember about the environment day. How about CH-i-LL environment ? The vowel "i" could be added. So, whenever we think of environment , we think of a chilling environment and that makes us remember Ch=6=june and LL=5= 5th day. BOOM!!

Similarly, what is the atomic no. of Gold? Gold can be remembered as worldCUP Gold. Then C=7, p=9, which makes it easier to remember that 79 is the atomic no. of gold.
We could create thousands of mnemonics using this simple technique and on the other hand our creativity also increases as a result of thinking too many absurd things before coming up with a workable mnemonics.

You could memorise a long list of things exactly in the same order using this method. I have memorised the whole periodic table using this system. Really..!

2. The method of Locus
 This method could be useful if you have to memorise a list of things for shopping or sequence of events for your history class or even action of enzymes at differeent organs of your Gastrointestinal tract (GIT). What you have to do is you need to create a mental pathway of places you are familiar with. For example, it could be the way from your hostel to the college. Try to include as many locations as you could remember precisely. The list may go as : Your hostel gate, bike parking area, football ground, security office, college canteen, library, laboratory, auditorium hall, Obstetrics and Gynecology ward, telecommunication tower, Male toilet, Academic building entrance and lecture theater. The longer the list , the more things you can remember. Associate each of the places to the items in your list trying to make as vivid and funny as possible. You will be amazed to see the results.

 We must have developed dozens of our own mnemonics before too. But, This mnemonics collection is decades old and less effort taking. Let's have a loook and enjoy. Happy Learning....! :)

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