Must Watch Movies for Students

Movies are the greatest sources of knowledge in today's world. About one-third of our knowledge is derived from what we have seen in movies or on television, that could go up to around fifty percent for the movie freaks like me. 

But not all movies are worth watching. You would not like to waste you 2 hours of life by watching something which will make you regret later for watching that bullshit. Here I have compiled a list of movies which are definitely worth watching and could have a great impact on the rest of your life. Everyone will love these movies irrespective of their age, but I recommend that every Student watch all of these. Make sure you watch the IMDB ratings and reviews before watching in case you are doubtful that you may not like it.

The Man From earth (2007)
       This movie will certainly make you think once very nicely whether the story portrayed in the movie can be true or not. If you cannot prove that something is impossible, that might as well be possible, as the saying goes, "Everyone is not guilty unless proved guilty". View IMDB rating of The Man From Earth

It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
      Though many of us don't like to watch those black and white movies of the twentieth century, this one is really a masterpiece and has a great life lesson if you could get it. It's available in color version too. ;)View IMDB rating of It's a Wonderful Life

Limitless (2011)
      How much could a human brain can perform ? This movie depicts this in a very interesting way and can inspire you to unlock the hidden potentials within you. If not also, you'll never regret watching a movie like this.View IMDB rating of Limitless

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
     Most of you might have already watched this movie. But, any list of must watch movies is incomplete if this movie is not there. Nothing more should be said about this.We don't know the value of freedom unless our freedom is ceased. The joy and desire of a person to live freely cannot be measured. Just watch it and watch it again and again once in a while.View IMDB rating of The Shawshank Redemption

Himalaya (1999)
      Learn how hard it is just to survive for some tribes when the world is busy in launching missiles. Where did they lag behind actually in the course of evolution? The hardships of Nepalese people in the Himalayan region gives immense hopes and strength if you delve into this movie and feel the life there.View IMDB rating of Himalaya

Stand and Deliver (1988)
      Untiring effort of  a schoolteacher who succeeds in teaching his dropout prone students calculus and make them extraordinarily good.  View IMDB rating of Stand and Deliver

Samsara (2011)
      This silent movie takes you to various natural heritages and lifestyles of people across the world. The background music adds flavour to this giving you a transcendental sensation. You will understand more of life and the compassion within you will rise overwhelmingly.View IMDB rating of Samsara

Three Idiots (2009)
      College movies always are more entertaining and with some take home life messages. This movie has depicted a tragedy occured due to wrong system of education in Engineering college of India. It inspires to try not being merely successful in life , but to try to become excellent, then, success follows itself.View IMDB rating of Three Idiots