4th Year BDS - Public Health Dentistry - VIIth Sem Exam, Feb 2018 - BPKIHS

B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences
Dharan, Nepal
4th year BDS
Internal Assessment, February 2018
Subject: Public Health Dentistry
Date: 14th February, 2018
Time : 1 Hour 20 minutes
Total marks: 60

Maximum Marks  - 30
1. Enlist and explain the principles of primary health care.     (1+4=5)
2. Diffferentiate between case control and co-hort studies.   (5)
3. Describe the expression repeat restoration cycle.   (5) 
4. Define Dental Public Health. Briefly explain the characteristics of public health work. (1+4=5)
5. Explain various methods by which you can prevent transmission of infections between patient and health care personnel.    (5)
6. Explain Salivary reductase caries activity test.   (5)

Maximum Marks - 30
I. In a recent epidemiological study, it was observed that among 50 individuals with oral cancer, 40 
consumed smokeless tobacco at least 4 times a day and the rest did not consume tobacco at all. Among the group of 200 individuals without oral cancer, 120 consumed tobacco in the same frequency.

1. Justify the type  of epidemiological study that was conducted.  (3)
2. Describe the basic steps for conducting the study.  (3) 
3. Identify and explain the epidemiological tools to  be used in the study.  (3)
4. Describe the appropriate analyses and obtain the results.  (6)

II. Water is a vital factor to all forms of life. It has a great role to play in the socio-economic development of huma population. UnitedNations General Assembly had launched the International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation decade 1981-1990 and it is also emphasized that water is a basic element of primary health care. Water is also integrated with other PHC components because It is an essential part of health education, food and nutrition an also Maternity and Child Health.

Q5. Enlist the properties of water intended For human consumption. Mention the advantages and disadvantages of ground water. (2+2+1=5) 
Q6. Briefly explain biological filter. (5) 
Q7. How can you purify water for household use? Explain. (5) 

Drug Interactions with Local Anesthetics

  1. Cimetidine increases the plasma half life of circulating lidocaine. So this combination is relatively contraindicated in CHF patients.
  2. Esters such as procaine and tetracaine may inhibit the bacteriostatic action of sulfonamides.
  3. The administration of adrenaline in patients being treated with non-selective beta blockers (such as propranolol, tinolol, atenolol, increases the likelihood of serious elevation of the blood pressure.
  4. Tricyclic antidepressants (eg: Imipramine) and monoamine oxidase inhibitors (eg: Isocarbaxazid) potentially increase the cardiovascular actions of exogenously administered vasopressors.

Dentosphere: World of Dentistry - Video Competition

Dentosphere : World of Dentistry announces VIDEO COMPETITION on the occasion of its second anniversary  and reaching the 3000 subscribers mark in its YouTube Channel. We are grateful to all our Subscribers and are pleased to announce a video competition.

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2. Length of the video can be anywhere between 3-15 minutes. (at least 3 minutes)

3. Appropriate references and credits should be placed by the creators themselves for academic information.

4. The videos may be slightly edited before uploading.

5. The video must be your original work. Any videos copied from online media will be detected and automatically disqualified.

Some ideas for video topics may be:
# Oral Cancer Prevention
# Toothbrushing Techniques
# Hand Washing Technique
# How to use a dental floss
# The reasons you should quit smoking
# Oral health is overall health
# Health hazards of Cigarette Smoking and other forms of Tobacco
# Dental Caries : Prevalence and Prevention
# Roles of a Dentist towards Community
And many more. You can choose any topic you like.

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MCQs on Pontics and Finish Lines - Fixed Partial Dentures

# Egg shaped pontic is indicated for the replacement of:
A. Mandibular posteriors
B. Mandibular anteriors
C. Maxillary posteriors
D. Maxillary anteriors

# A pontic as compared to a missing posterior tooth should be:
A. same dimensions as that of natural teeth
B. same dimensions mesiodistally but less faciolingually
C. same dimensions faciolingually but less mesiodistally
D. larger than natural tooth, to exert same forces on mastication

# Which of the following will primarily determine the faciolingual dimension of the occlusal portion of a hygienic pontic?
A. The length of the pontic
B. The masticatory force of the patient
C. The position of the opposing contact areas
D. The width and crestal position of the edentulous ridge