Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on Vitamins : Biochemistry

Some important review MCQs on Vitamins. The answers are highlighted in red.

1. Which Vitamin is the most indispensable during mitosis?
a) Folic acid
b. Ascorbic acid
c. Pantothenic acid 
d. Aspartic acid

2.Which vitamin is related to a cofactor in glycine metabolism?
a. Vit E
b. Thiamine
c. Folic acid
d. Cyanocobalamine

3.Most of the vitamin B12 in the body is stored as:
a)Methyl B12
b) Hydroxy B12
c) Cyanocobalamine
d)None of the above

4. Which vitamin is synthesized by intestinal Bacteria ?
a. Vit B
b.  Vit D
c. Vit E
d. Vit K

5. Tryptophan load test helps in the evaluation of the deficiency of the vitamin:
a. Folic acid
b. Niacin
c. Pyridoxine
d. cyanacobalamine

6. The action of Vitamin K in formation of clotting factor is through:
a. Post transcription
b. Post translation
c. Golgi complex
d. Endoplasmic reticulum

7. What disease is caused by Vitamin B1 deficiency?
a. Pellagra
b. Angular cheilitis
c. Megaloblastic anemia
d. Peripheral Polyneuritis

8. Vitamin C is present in largest amount in the body in:
a. Eye
b. Kidneys
c. Testes
d. Adrenal Cortex

9. Which of the following is the poorest source of vitamin C?
a. Milk
b. Guava
c. Cabbage
d. Radish

10. The 3 D’s , Dermatitis, Diarrhea, Dementia are seen in the deficiency of:
a. Thiamine
b. Riboflavin
c. Niacin
d. Pyridoxine

11. The maximum content of vitamin E  is present in:
a. Cod liver oil
b. Fish liver oil
c. Wheat germ oil
d. Liver

12. Vitamin K deficiency is indicated by:
a. low platelet count
b. Increased prothrombin time
c. Decreased prothrombin time
d. None of the above

13. Collagen formation is affected in the deficiency of :
a. Vit B
b. Vit C
c. Vit D
d. Vit E

14. Which vitamin is related to avidin?
a. Biotin
b. Niacin
c. Thiamine
d. Phylloquinone

15. Coenzyme A contains which of the following Vitamins?
a. Biotin
b. Pyridoxine
c. Pantothenic acid
d. Niacin

16. Which of the following enzymes require Vitamin C for their activity?
a. Procollagen proline hydroxylase
b. Procollagen amino peptidase
c. Procollagen carboxyl peptidase
d. Lysyl oxidase

17. Vitamin K antagonizes:
a. Corticosteroids
b. Thrombin Formation
c. Bishydroxy Coumarin
d. Production of clotting factors by liver

18. The vitamin that facilitates iron absorption is:
a. Folic acid
b. Ascorbic acid
c. Biotin
d. Vitamin A

19. Consumption of raw egg white in the diet may result in the deficiency of:
a. Riboflavin
b. Biotin
c. Thiamine
d. Pyridoxine

20. The amino acid from which niacin is synthesized is:
a. Tyrosine
b. Tryptophan
c. Threonine
d. Histidine

21. Of prime importance in the structure of flavoproteins is:
a. Vit. B6
b. Vit B2
c. Vit B1
d. Vit A

22. The following Vitamin is important in non-oxidative decarboxylation, transamination and trans-sulfuration reaction:
a. Riboflavin
b. Thiamine
c. Pyridoxine
d. Pantothenic acid