MCQs on Gastrointestinal Tract and Liver Physiology Part 4

# Pancreatic juice rich in water and electrolytes but poor in enzymes is secreted in response to :
A. Pancreatozymine
B. Cholecystokinin
C. Secretin
D. Proteins

# Secretin is secreted by :
A. Duodenum
B. Pancreas
C. Liver
D. Stomach

# Urine urobilinogen is absent in :
A. Obstructive jaundice
B. Viral hepatitis
C. Hemolytic jaundice
D. All of the above

# Which of the following is a reflex mediated by vagus ?
A. Bile flow from liver
B. Pancreatic secretion of bicarbonate
C. Cephalic phase of gastric secretion
D. Mucous secretion from the Brunner's glands

# Fats absorbed with the help of bile salts are:
A. Free fatty acids
B. Glycerol
C. Higher fatty acids, diglycerides and monoglycerides
D. All of the above

# Which of the following secretions has a very high pH ?
A. Gastric juice
B. Pancreatic juice
C. Bile in gall bladder
D. Saliva
# Cephalic phase of gastric secretion can be demonstrated by the following experiment:
A. Heidenhan's pouch
B. Condition reflex
C. Pavlov's pouch
D. None of the above

# Trypsin is an activator of all of the following enzymes except:
A. Chymotrypsinogen
B. Pepsinogen
C. Proelastase
D. Procolipase

# Gastrointestinal hormone among the following is:
A. Pepsin
B. Ptyalin
C. Cholecystokinin
D. Trypsin

# The most important action of secretin is to :
A. Neutralise the acid from the stomach
B. Increase secretion of bicarbonates by pancreas
C. Decrease gastric secretion
D. cause contraction of pyloric sphincter

# Within which parts of a gastric gland are chief cells located ?
A. Fundus
B. Isthmus
C. Neck
D. Gastric pit

# All the following causes the secretion of gastric juice during cephalic phase except :
A. Food in the mouth
B. Sight of food
C. Food in the stomach
D. Thought of food

# Which is not produced enteroendocrinally ?
A. Intrinsic factor
B. Secretin
C. Motilin

# Stomach accommodates the meal by:
A. Deceptive relaxation
B. Receptive relaxation
C. Reactive relaxation
D. None of the above
# The intrinsic factor for vit B12 absorption is produced in the :
A. Liver
B. Stomach
C. Pancreas
D. Duodenum

# Bile salt repeats its cycle :
A. 4 times a day
B. 8 times a day
C. 2 times in between meals
D. 10 times a day in fasting

# Bile color is due to :
A. Creatinine
B. Bilirubin
C. Globulin
D. 5 Mercapto-purine

# Which of the following is not a salivary antibacterial Substance ?
A. Amylase
B. Lactoperoxidase
C. Lysozyme
D. Lactoferrin