MBBS / BDS Medical Entrance Examination - Reproductive System MCQs

# Cowper's gland is a:
A. Male Sex Gland
B. Female Sex Gland
C. A kind of endocrine gland
D. A kind of digestive gland

# Cowper's gland is present in:
A. Frog
B. Earthworm
C. Cockroach
D. Rabbit

# Which one of the followings is not a sex hormone ?
A. Androsterone
B. Progesterone
C. Cholecystokinin
D. Testosterone

# Rete testis is a part of:
A. Seminiferous tubules
B. Epididymis
C. Vasa deferens
D. Vasa efferentia

# Change in sperm for fertilization is:
A. Capacitation
B. Insemination
C. Polygamy
D. Sterilization

# Which of the followings doesn't involve in secretion?
A. Prostrate
B. Seminal vesicle
C. Epididymis
D. Cowper's gland

# Structure that provides nutrition to Spermatazoa :
A. Sertoli cells
B. Leydig's cells
C. Vas deferens
D. Seminal vesicle

# HCG is secreted by:
A. adenohypophysis
B. pars intermedia
C. ovary
D. placenta

# Which male and female reproductive organs are homologous?
A. Penis and oviduct
B. Vas deferens and ovary
C. Penis and clitoris
D. Urinary bladder and uterus

# In the testis of rabbit, the hormone secreting cells are:
A. Spermatogonia
B. Spermatocytes
C. Germinal epithelial cells
D. Cells of Leydig

# Mammalian testis is covered by a fobrous connective tissue sheath called:
A. Tunica albuginea
B. Corona radiata
C. Zona pellucida
D. Spermatic cord

# Odd one out:
A. Testis
B. Vas deferens
C. Seminal vesicles
D. Oocyte

# Corpus luteum is formed by:
A. Germinal epithelial tissue
B. Endometrium
C. Ruptured graffian follicle
D. Lutenizing cells

# A wife of newly married couples comes to OPD for advice to use contraceptive device. Which will you prefer ?
A. Vasectomy of husband
B. Minilap of Female
C. Coitus Interruptus
D. Oral Pills

# Progesterone hormone is secreted by:
A. Corpus albicans
B. Corpus luteum
C. Corpus callosum
D. Corpus uteri

# Graffian follicles are found in:
A. Testes
B. Stomach
C. Ovary
D. Spleen

# Hormone responsible for the attachment of embryo to the wall of uterus is known as:
A. Estrogen
B. Progesteron
C. Relaxin
D. Epinephrine

# Fertilization of ovum in mammals takes place in:
A. Ovary
B. Uterus
C. Fallopian tube
D. Vagina

# The uterine layer of Human Beings that is sloughed off during each menstruation is the:
A. Stratum functionalis
B. Stratum basalis
C. Perimetrium
D. Myometrium

# Ovulation in mammals is a process in which:
A. egg is fertilized in fallopian tube
B. egg is released from graffian follicle
C. unfertilized egg passes out of female's body
D. egg passes through fimbriated funnel of fallopian tube

# Name the hormone that has no role in menstruation.

# How many sperms are produced from 24 secondary spermatocytes ?
A. 24
B. 48
C. 32
D. 72

# Disintegration of corpus luteum occurs due to the inhibition of secretion of hormone:
A. Estrogen
D. Progesterone

# In human sperms, the cytoplasm around the mitochondria is called:
A. Acrosome
B. Manchette
C. Centroplasm
D. Microplasm

# The immediate cause of induction of ovulation in human female is large plasma surge of:
C. Progesterone
D. Estrogen

# The estrous cycle is a characteristic of:
A. Human females only
B. Mammalian females other than primates
C. Human males
D. Mammalian males other than primates

# A single primary spermatocyte and a single primary oocyte will respectively produce:
A. One sperm and four eggs
B. Two sperms and one egg
C. Two sperms and three polar body
D. Four sperms and one egg

# The mammalian egg is:
A. alecithal
B. microlecithal
C. telolecithal
D. mesolecithal

# After ovulation, graffian follicles change to:
A. corpus callosum
B. Corpus luteum
C. Ovum
D. Degenerates

# From birth to menopause, the number of oogonia:
A. increases slightly
B. increases sharply
C. remains constant
D. decreases

# Sperms move by:
A. Ciliary movement
B. Flagellar movement
C. Pseudopodal movement
D. Cyclosis

# Menstruation in women is caused by:
A. breaking of fallopian tubes
B. breaking of urinary tract
C. disruption of endometrium
D. disruption of myometrium

# In calendar method, the unsafe period is:
A. During menstruation
B. 9-19 days from the onset of meenstruation
C. 5-8 days after menstruation
D. 20-28 days after menstruation

# Sex is determined by:
A. X of ovum
B. Y of sperm
C. X and Y sperm
D. All of the above