Post - Extraction Instructions to Patients : What to do and what not to do after tooth extraction ?

These are the instructions to be given to the patient who has have his tooth extracted.

1. Bite the gauge pressure pad on the extraction site put by your dentist for about 30 minutes. This will stop bleeding and help the blood clot in the extraction socket stabilize itself.

2. Take medication as prescribed by the dentist (generally Ibuprofen 400 mg , three times daily for one day, or acetaminophen 500 mg three timed daily for one day, and then only when pain occurs) immediately after removing the gauze pad before the effect of anesthesia wears off so that you'll not experience pain.

3. Do not exercise or do strenuous physical activities for about 24 hours which may provoke bleeding. If bleeding do occurs anyway , or does not stop on itself, bite a clean gauze piece over the extraction site directly for about 15 minutes and then the bleeding should stop. If not, visit the nearest dental clinic or emergency department during the off hours.

4. You may eat normally immediately after extraction . But, don't eat too hot foods, eat only after cooling them sufficiently. Also, the food should be soft. Rinse gently to keep the extraction socket clean after eating to prevent chances of infection. But, don't rinse vigorously. It is beneficial if lukewarm saline water rinse is done after 24 hours following extraction three times daily for the next 3-5 days.

5. Do NOT  smoke, chew tobacco, or drink alcohol for at least one week. You may use this opportunity to quit smoking or quit tobacco chewing or alcohol.

6. Do not brush directly over the extraction site for 1-2 days, but brushing the rest teeth is essential to maintain proper hygiene.

7. Do not drink fruit juices and Soda drinks with straw which necessitates you to suck hard  creating a negative air pressure in the oral cavity which might dislodge the socket and cause dry socket / alveolar osteitis. Do not spit or blow hard for the same reason.

8. If bleeding starts or continues, and cannot be stopped by the method listed in point no. 3 above, or severe pain occurs after 3-4 days following extraction, refer to the dental clinic or hospital nearby.

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