When I Become a Professor Someday.....

With the passage of time, I may assume different positions and designations in my life be it personal or professional. My acquaintances change, closeness to people at times may vary, some new people get connected and some may be left out somewhere along the journey. But, I might become a Professor some day. I cannot actually visualize what type of professor I am going to be. But, I know what type of Professor I do not want to become.

I will make sure that my students will not feel uneasy while attending my lectures. They will feel relaxed so that they do not inhale and exhale gently in fear that the Professor might call up some random names and asks some absurd questions. Even if I ask, I will make sure that the person I am asking the question to will be able to answer that, because time is the greatest teacher and time will teach the poor kid everything he needs to know. I don't expect that my students be able to reiterate what I had told them a few minutes ago or a few months back, but encourage them to see the big picture themselves. The wholeness of their development, their integrity, and attitude towards situations are more important than knowledge and facts. Because facts may be known and they can be used for evil deliberately if the intention is not good. If the intention is good, ignorance can be a bliss, you can always learn.

When I become a professor one day, I will keep in mind that my student is my own self 20-30 years ago, who do not like to study and is bored by long lectures, I will try to keep as many relevant examples in my teachings as possible, not directly quoted from book, but real life examples. I will teach my students to become as flexible to rules and regulations as possible in real life situations and become a good example of that. I will be easily accessible to all my students with a friendly attitude that no student has to turn another way around if he spots me in the market or a shopping mall. I wish I could become a professor who can ignite a fire for the quest of knowledge in every pupil's mind and the one who does not seek utmost respect and formality. I will not treat my student as applicant number 4681, but someone who has a dream, a family, wellwishers, and many relationships to maintain.

I will become a professor who never forgets that he had also gone through the similar schooling process and understanding the hardships of students, help them address them and overcome those hurdles, not the one who thinks, "We have also suffered that and have overcome that, they should too." I will always appreciate their efforts in learning and their potential in years to come. I will bear in mind how a student feels when he gets scolded in front of a patient he is doing the treatment and procedures. I sure will keep in mind that I will never scold a student, "You are not eligible to become a doctor, you are just like technicians/quacks/trained chimpanzees who can perform the procedures." for I realize that technicians are also equally important to provide effective health care service, for I do not  know from what background he has reached that position, for I do not know whether he is a son of a technician whom I mocked. I will always bear in mind the respect for every profession and not humiliate him in front of the patients who entrusted their lives/body upon him to get the treatment. I will make use of every opportunity I get to teach them something they don't know as mocking will never enlighten them and make any better except making them cognizant of my attitude.

It's really difficult to become the type of professor I picture myself to be, but I will always radiate positivity all around so that I could become an ideal professor for at least one student who would like to emulate me. I would like to become the professor whom my 25-year-old self can bow his head in reverence proudly should they ever meet each other. When I become a Professor someday.....!

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