Dentin Desensitizing Agent

# The dentin desensitizing agents that acts by precipitating proteins in dentinal tubular fluid is: (MHCET 2014)
A. Strontium chloride
B. Potassium oxalate
C. Fluoride
D. Hydroxyethyl methacrylate

The correct answer is A. Strontium chloride.

After professional diagnosis, dentinal hypersensitivity can be treated simply and inexpensively by home use of desensitizing dentifrices.

Strontium Chloride Dentifrices
Ten percent strontium chloride desensitizing dentifrices are found effective in relieving the pain of tooth hypersensitivity.

Potassium Nitrate Dentifrices
Five percent potassium nitrate dentifrices are found to alleviate pain related to tooth hypersensitivity.

Fluoride Dentifrices
Sodium monofluorophosphates dentifrices are effective mode of treating tooth hypersensitivity.

Strontium chloride is the most important constituent in home care dentifrices intended to be used for the treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity. Topical application of concentrated strontium chloride on an abraded dentin produces a deposit of strontium that penetrates dentin to a depth of approximately 10-20 micrometers and extend into dentinal tubules. 

Ref: Textbook of OPERATIVE DENTISTRY, Nisha Garg, 3rd Edition, Page 445

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