What is Fluoride bomb?

# The ‘FLUORIDE BOMBS’ is related to:
A. A fluoride  capsule with high ppm of fluoride varnish
B. A hypoplastic lesion on tooth seen in fluorosis areas
C. Undiagnosed hidden caries
D. Procedure to treat rampant caries

The correct answer is C. Undiagnosed hidden caries.

  • Occult or hidden caries is used to describe such lesion which is not clinically diagnosed but detected only on radiographs.
  • Occult lesions are seen with low caries rate which is suggestive of increased fluoride exposure.
  • It is believed that increased fluoride exposure encourages remineralization and slows down the progress of the caries in the pit and fissure enamel while the cavitation continues in dentin, and the lesions become masked by a relatively intact enamel surface.
  • These hidden lesions are called 'fluoride bombs' or fluoride syndrome.

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