Non keratinized gingival tissue

# Which of the following is an example of non keratinized gingival tissue?
A. Outer gingival epithelium 
B. Gingival col
C. Marginal gingiva 
D. Attached gingiva

The gingival tissue is made up of 75% Para keratinized epithelium, about 15 % keratinized and only 10% non keratinized epithelium.

The keratinized area of the gingiva includes the attached gingiva and some portions of the outer gingival epithelium. 

The para keratinized gingiva includes the marginal gingiva and portions of the outer gingival epithelium.

The non keratinized portion of gingiva includes the gingival col, junctional epithelium and sulcular epithelium. 

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