# Which factor results in parallax "unsharpness"?

 # Which factor results in parallax "unsharpness"?
a) Quantum mottle.
b) Size and number of silver halide grains.
c) Object, film, or x-ray source movement.
d) Image magnification on double-emulsion film.

The correct answer is D. Image magnification on double emulsion film.

Quantum mottle is caused by a fluctuation in the number of photons absorbed by the fast film-intensifying screen combination. Object, film, or x-ray source movement can all cause image "unsharpness" that appears blurry. The size and number of silver halide grains contribute to image receptor blurring. Parallax "unsharpness" occurs because the double-emulsion film records a slight magnification of the image on the side of the film away from the x-ray source.

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