Which portion of the flame is used while soldering:

# Which portion of the flame is used while soldering?
A. Cold mixing zone
B. Partial combustion zone
C. Tip of the reducing zone
D. Oxidizing zone

The correct answer is C. Tip of reducing zone.

The next zone, dimly blue and located just beyond the tip of the green combustion zone, is the reducing zone. This is the hottest part of the flame, and it should be kept constantly on the alloy during melting. The outer cone (oxidizing zone) is the area in which combustion occurs with the oxygen in the air. Under no circumstances should this portion of the flame be used to melt the alloy. Not only is its temperature lower than that of the reducing zone but it also oxidizes the alloy.

Reference: PHILLIPS’ SCIENCE OF DENTAL MATERIALS, Anusavice, Shen, Rawls, 12th Edition, Page No: 221

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