Cancer which most commonly metastasizes to jaw bone is:

# Cancer which most commonly metastasizes to jaw bone is:
A. Breast
B. Prostatic
C. Lung
D. Kidney

The correct answer is A. Breast

Metastasis to the jaw bones mainly occurs in the posterior region of the mandible, ramus, and the condyle, which are rich in red bone marrow. Metastasis to the maxilla is rare and comprises one-fifth of all metastatic tumors to the jawbones.[1] The male-to-female ratio is almost equal with a ratio of 1:1.1. The mean age of patients is 45 years.[2] The primary focus in women is usually located in the breasts, reproductive organs, thyroid gland, and kidneys, whereas in men it is in the lungs, prostate, kidneys, bones, large intestine, and suprarenal glands.[3,4,5] Metastases to the jaw bones almost originate from infraclavicular regions. The diffusion through Batson's venous system is the principal process of the oral cavity metastasis.[6] Histologically, the primary foci are usually carcinomas, and among them adenocarcinomas are more common. Adenocarcinoma is usually a metastasis from the breasts in women or from the lungs, alimentary canal, or prostate in men. 

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