Flap with no vertical incision is called:

 # Flap with no vertical incision is called:
A. Triangular
B. Semilunar
C. Envelope
D. Trapezoidal

The correct answer is: C. Envelope

Basic requirements of a flap:
• Flap must be designed to provide an adequate exposure of the surgical area.
• Flap must have a broad base and good vascular supply.
• When placed back, flap should rest on healthy bone.

Envelop flap: Incision along free gingival margin with no vertical incision. 

Two sided triangular flap: It is an envelop flap with a releasing incision on one side.

Three sided rhomboid flap: It is modification of two sided flap with addition of a second vertical incision.

Semilunar flap: is designed when periapical area is required to be exposed. It is always kept 5mm away from the gingival margin.

Pedicle flap; It is a flap based on a particular blood vessel. Eg:- Palatal flap along the length of greater palatine artery. 

Random flaps: Flaps that are not based on a specific blood vessel.

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