Drug of choice for monilial diarrhoea is:

 # The drug of choice for monilial diarrhoea is:
A. Flucytosine
B. Nystatin
C. Natamycin
D. Ketoconazole

The correct answer is B. Nystatin.

NYSTATIN: Obtained from S. noursei, it is similar to Amphotericin  B (AMB) in antifungal action and other properties. However, because of higher systemic toxicity, it is used only locally in superficial candidiasis.

Given orally, it is not absorbed; can be used for monilial diarrhoea (due to superinfection or otherwise), 5 lac U TDS (1 mg = 2000 U). Nausea and bad taste in mouth are the only side effects.

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