From which arch is hypobranchial eminence derived?

 # Hypobranchial eminence is derived from:
A. 1st arch 
B. 2nd arch
C. 3rd arch 
D. 4th arch

The correct answer is C. 3rd arch.

During embryonic development, the pharyngeal arches play a crucial role in the formation of various structures in the head and neck region. The third pharyngeal arch gives rise to several important structures, including the hyoid bone, the posterior one-third of the tongue (base of the tongue), and the associated muscles and nerves.

The hypobranchial eminence is a swelling within the third pharyngeal arch that contributes to the formation of the base of the tongue. It gives rise to the posterior part of the tongue, while the anterior part of the tongue is formed by the first pharyngeal arch.

Therefore, the correct option is C. 3rd arch.

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