Second arch is also called:

 # Second arch is also called:
A. Hyoid arch 
B. Mandibular arch
C. Maxillary arch 
D. Pharyngeal arch

The correct answer is A. Hyoid arch. 

The second arch in embryonic development is indeed referred to as the Hyoid arch. The hyoid arch, also known as the second pharyngeal arch, is one of the series of pharyngeal arches that contribute to the development of structures in the head and neck.

The hyoid arch gives rise to important structures such as the lower part of the hyoid bone (a bone in the neck), the muscles of facial expression, muscles involved in swallowing, and certain muscles in the throat. Nerves and blood vessels associated with this arch also develop within it.

Each pharyngeal arch has its specific developmental contributions and plays a role in the formation of different structures. The hyoid arch, or second arch, is significant in the development of various structures in the head and neck region during embryonic development.

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