MCQs on Cleft Lip and Palate - Oral Surgery

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# Cleft lip is operated at what age: (MAN -01)
a) 1 month
b) 6 months
c) 10 weeks
d) 1 year

# The ideal time of repair of cleft of hard palate is: (KAR -03)
a) At birth
b) Between 3-6 months of age
c) Between 12-15 months of age
d) After 2 years of age

# The ideal time of repair of cleft lip is: (KAR -03)
a) At birth
b) Between 3-6 months of age
c) At 1 - 1 1/2 years of age
d) At 1 1/2 to 2 years of age

# Pierre Robbin syndrome is:
a) Cleft palate with syndactyly
b) Cleft palate with mand. hypoplasia and respiratory obstruction
c) Cleft lip with mandibular hypoplasia
d) Cleft lip

# Hynes pharyngoplasty is used to improve a child's:
a) Appearance
b) Teething
c) Speech
d) Feeding

# Unilateral clefts are most common on:
a) Left side
b) Right side
c) Median
d) None of the above

# Commonest type of cleft lip is:
a) Bilateral
b) Midline
c) Combined with cleft palate
d) Unilateral

# Speech problems in cleft palate patients are due to: (AIIMS -97)
a) Lisping of tongue
b) Inability of soft palate to stop air to go into nasopharynx
c) Inability of learning process
d) All of the above

# Cleft lip is due to non-union of: (AIIMS -95)
a) Maxillary process with MNP
b) MNP - LNP
c) MNP - MNP
d) All of the above

#  A prosthetic appliance given to cover the palatal defect in patients with cleft palate is called: (AIIMS -03)
a) Artificial velum
b) Obturator
c) Removable prosthetic appliance
d) None of the above

#  Surgery on the hard palate of a 3 years old cleft patient may inhibit growth, causing the facial profile to become: (AIPG -03, AIIMS -91)
a) Straight
b) Elongated
c) Shortened
d) More concave

# The repair of cleft palate is primarily done for: (PGI-06)
a) Correction of speech
b) Correction of esthetics
c) Induce growth of maxilla
d) Induce growth of mandible

# Which of the following shows the lowest frequency of cleft lip and palate? (AIPG-07)
a) Negroes
b) Afghanese
c) American Indian
d) Indian

# The oral cleft problem occurs between the period of: (KCET-07)
a) 1st and 2nd week of embryo-fetal life
b) 6th and 10th week of embryo-fetal life
c) 3rd week of fetal life
d) None of the above

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