MCQs on Mycology and Parasitology

The correct answers are highlighted in green.

# The mechanism by which most fungi cause disease is: (APPSC-99)
a) exotoxin production
b) lecithinase production
c) hypersensitivity
d) coagulase production

# Germ tubes are formed mainly by: (TNPSC-99)
a) Candida albicans
b) Candida stellatoidea
c) Candida tropicalis
d) Candida pseudotropicalis

# Fungal infection of human beings is called as: (KAR-2000)
a) Mucorsis
b) Mycosis
c) Fungosis
d) Micromia

# Fungus capable of forming fungal ball is: (TNPSC-99)
a) Penicillium
b) Aspergillus
c) Mucor
d) Rhizopus

# Aflatoxins are produced by: (KAR-03)
a) Aspergillus niger
b) Aspergillus fumigatus
c) Aspergillus flavus
d) All of the above

# The culture media for fungus is -
a) Tellurite medium
b) NNN medium
c) Chocolate agar medium
d) Sabourauds medium

# A sporangium contains:

# The medium of choice for culturing yeast form of dimorphic fungi is -
a) Brain - heart infusion
b) Sabouraud's
c) Sabouraud's plus antibiotics
d) Any medium incubated at 35-37°C

# Pseudohyphae are seen in -
a) Alternaria
b) Aspergillus
c) Oosporium
d) Candida albicans

# Dermatophytes are fungi infecting -
a) Subcutaneous tissue
b) Systemic organs
c) Nails, hair and skin
d) Superficial skin and deep tissue

# Candida is most often implicated in causation -
a) Conjunctivitis
b) Tinea capitis
c) Desert rheumatism
d) Thrush

# Asexual spores of fungi are following except -
a) Arthospores
b) Chlamydospores
c) Blastospores
d) Ascospores

# Candida albicans causes all of the following except-
a) Endocarditis
b) Mycetoma
c) Meningitis
d) Oral thrush

# Transmission of all of the following intestinal parasites takes place by the feco-oral route except: (AIPG-2001)
a) Giardia lamblia
b) Ascaris lumbriocoides
c) Strongyloides
d) Entamoeba

# Hydatid cyst is: (AIIMS, AIPG-96)
a) Parasitic in nature
b) Fungal
c) Congenital
d) Viral

# Investigation of choice for invasive amoebiasis is: (AIPG-2002)
a) Indirect hemagglutination
c) Counter immune electrophoresis
d) Microscopy

# L.D. bodies are seen in: (KAR-2000)
a) Kala azar
b) Toxoplasmosis
c) Malaria
d) Sleeping sickness

# Megaloblastic anemia is caused by: (KAR-97)
a) Dog tapeworm
b) Hookworm
c) Fish tapeworm
d) Threadworm

# Causative organism of Kala azar is: (KAR-97)
a) Plasmodium ovale
b) Leishmania donovani
c) Entamoeba histolytica
d) Toxoplasma

# Black Water Fever is caused by:
a)Plasmodium vivax
b)Plasmodium falciparum
c)Leishmania donovani

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