Chromic gut Suture vs Plain gut Suture

# Advantage of chromic gut over plain is:
A. Delayed resorption
B. Increased strength
C. Less irritation
D. Less tissue reaction

The correct answer is A. Delayed resorption.

  • Chromic gut sutures consist of the plain gut that has been treated with chromium trioxide. This results in a delay in the absorption rate.
  • Because retention of sutures beyond a few days is not recommended in endodontic surgery, the use of chromic gut sutures offers no advantage.
  • Also, evidence indicates that plain gut is more biocompatible with oral soft tissues than is the chromic gut. The gut suture material is marketed in sterile packets containing isopropyl alcohol.
  • When removed from the packet, the suture is hard and non-pliable because of its dehydration. Before using gut sutures should be hydrated by placing them into sterile, distilled water for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • After hydration, the gut suture material will be smooth and pliable with manipulative properties similar to silk.

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