Parasympathetic Cranial nerves

# # All of cranial nerve have parasympathetic outflow except :
A. 5th nerve
B. 7th nerve
C. 3rd neve
D. 9th nerve

The correct answer is A. 5th nerve

Cranial nerves having parasympathetic now are 3,7,9 and 10.
Preganglionic parasympathetic neuron cell bodies are located in certain cranial nerve nuclei of the brain stem and in the grey matter of the second to fourth sacral segments of the spinal cord. Efferent fibres, which are myelinated, emerge from the CNS only in cranial nerves III, VII, IX, and X and in the second to fourth sacral spinal nerves. Preganglionic parasympathetic neurons are cholinergic. 

The only cranial nerve which arises on the dorsal aspect   -       Trochlear
The cranial nerve with longest intracranial coarse              -        Abducent
The cranial nerve with longest coarse                                 -       Vagus
The cranial nerve involved in raised intracranial tension   -       Abducent nerve
Cranial nerve carrying parasympathetic fibres                      -       3,7,9,10
Commonest cranial nerve affected in spinal anesthesia     -       Abducent nerve
Cranial nerve involved in Bell's palsy                                 -       VII Nerve
Cranial nerve involved in Ramsay Hunt Syndrome             -       VII nerve
Cranial nerve arising from the pons                                    -     V, VI, VII, VII nerves
Pure sensory nerves                                                          -       1,2,8
Branchiomeric nerves                                                       -       5.7.9,10,11

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