Periodontics - COMS, Teaching Hospital, Bharatpur IV year BDS Send Up Exam 2019


          Dec-Jan 2019-2020

Level: IV BDS                                                                                                                            Exam: Send up
Subject: Periodontics                                                                                                             Time: 2 hr. 30 mins.
Date: 6/11/2019                                                                                                                          Full marks: 50


  • Write brief, relevant and legible answers
  • Illustrate your answer with well labeled diagrams wherever required. 
  • All questions are compulsory. 

SECTION 'B' [25Marks]
1. Define gingiva. Describe different parts of the gingiva. Mention the name of various gingival fibers and blood supply of gingiva.    [1+3+2=6]

2. Write down the composition of calculus. Mention the important differences between supragingival and subgingival calculus. Highlight on the modes of attachment of calculus and its role in periodontal disease. [1+2+2=5]

3. A patient came with the chief complaint of progressive mobility of upper right lateral incisor since last six months. On clinical examination, there was grade II mobility of the tooth with three-degree positive fremitus test. [1+3+1=5]
a. What is your diagnosis & classify the condition?
b. What are the tissue responses seen in this case?
c.Write about possible radiographic changes in this case?

4. Write short notes on: [3*3=9]
a Local drug delivery
b. Halitosis
c. Resective osseous surgery
SECTION "C" [25 Marks]

5. A 28-year-old patient came with the chief complain of a progressive downward shift of gum exposing mandibular right central incisors. What is your differential diagnosis, investigations and
treatment plan for the case? [1+2+3=6]

6. Define Aggressive Periodontitis. Write down the causes of area-specific distribution of Localized Aggressive Periodontitis (LAP). Highlight on the clinical features of LAP. [1+2+2=5]

7. Define Furcation Involvement (FI). What are the predisposing factors for Furcation involvement?
Write about different therapeutic modalities in the management of FI.  [1+1+3=5]

8. Write short notes on:  [3*3=9]

a. Host modulation therapy (HMT)
b. Chemical plaque control
c. Modified Widmann flap

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