Periodontal pocket

# A periodontal pocket of 8mm deep having the junctional epithelium coronal to the CEJ is:
A. An infrabony pocket
B. A pseudopocket
C. A true periodontal pocket
D. A furcation involvement

The correct answer is B. A pseudopocket

- Pseudopocket/ gingival pocket/relative or false pocket is formed by gingival enlargement without destruction of underlying periodontal tissues

- True/absolute /periodontal pocket is formed by destruction of supporting periodontal tissues and attachment loss.
- Suprabony/supracrestal/Supraalveolar pocket is formed when bottom of pocket is coronal to underlying alveolar bone

- Infrabony/intrabony/subcrestal /intra-alveolar is formed where bottom of pocket is apical to level to adjacent alveolar bone.

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