Orifice of parotid duct:

 # The orifice of parotid duct is located:
A. At the hamular notch
B. In proximity to the incisive papilla
C. On the buccal mucosa near the maxillary second molar
D. Slightly posterior to the mandibular central incisors

The correct answer is C. On the  buccal mucosa near the maxillary second molar

Parotid duct is 5 cm long, thick walled and it emerges from anterior border of the gland and runs on the masseter muscle. At the anterior border of masseter it turns medially and pierces: 
  • Buccal pad of fat
  • Buccopharyngeal fascia
  • Buccinator (obliquely)
Then, the duct runs forwards and obliquely for a short course between buccinator and oral mucosa. This acts as  a valve which prevents inflation of ductt during blowing. Finally it opens into the vestibule of mouth, at upper second molar tooth. 

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